Guangxi Mingyan Special Cement Co., Ltd., was established in 2006 and is part of Guangxi Mingni Holding (Group) Co., Ltd., The factory is a modern enterprise integrating mining, wharf storage, production and sales. The group has been growing gradually over the past decade. At present, the group has three brands, namely "Mingyan", "Yinghua" and "Haoyan". The total assets of the group are RMB 870 million. The factory covers an area of 230 mu, and there are more than 600 employees. Among them, the administrative, sales and information center is located in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi. The production and supply chain center is located in Guiping, which is rich in mining resources.

      At present, the company has a white cement clinker production line with a daily output of 2,000 tons, a white cement production line with an annual output of 800,000 tons and a slag powder production line with an annual output of 600,000 tons.

        Since its inception, the Group has been firmly adhering to the corporate mission of “excellent quality and building brilliant future together” and putting product quality at the core. The group operates in strict accordance with the ISO09001 quality management system and ensures high quality products through raw material integration, supply chain system improvement and production line upgrade. All of our products are subject to the third party testing, and the test index has exceeded the national standards. Our products have won many honors such as “Guangxi Famous Trademark”, “Guangxi Brand-name Product”, taxpayer “A-level Enterprise” and “Science and Technology Progress Award”. At the same time, our laboratory was rated as qualified by the Guangxi Cement Association.

       原材料优势 Advantages of raw materials

       The Group owns two high-quality marble mines, within 1 km from the production workshop, with a capacity of about 0.25 km/m3 and an untapped reserve of more than 30 million tons. Besides the internal system supply, we are also the main raw material supplier of several core paper mills and putty powder mills in south China.

       物流优势 The superiority of the logistics

       Relying on Xijiang River, the factory has  natural advantages in water transportation and logistics. Currently it has realized point-to-point water and land coordinated transportation. The core strategic cooperation logistics enterprise of the group is China Ocean Shipping Group. At present, there are three self-owned bulk cargo terminals, about 3km away from the factory, available for ships less than 4,000 tons, with an annual throughput of 1 million tons.